Edd Pickersgill from Coningsby, England | Reviewed 15 May 2015

"Thanks ... for a first class service!"

"If you are considering travelling abroad for dental treatment then look no further than Intelident. We found this clinic whilst on holiday in Bucharest and after sending Mihai the clinic Manager an email he called us straight back to arrange a consultation for the next day. On that 1st visit we were able to meet all the dental specialists who were extremely professional and friendly and spoke very good English. The clinic was very modern and inviting with all the latest technology. We left feeling very positive about what we had seen and the prospect of coming back in the future didn't seem as daunting. Soon after returning to the UK we received our treatment plans via email offering flexible options at great prices.
After some excellent and always prompt communication we decided what work to have done, my wife needed to replace her front veneers which would be done after whitening for the best results. I also had a crown with root canal treatment. Mihai answered all our questions and explained It would take 2 short visits a week apart. Our package included hotel accommodation pick up from the airport and transfer to and from the clinic as required and this helped to make the whole experience much less stressful. Now home my wife could not be happier with her new teeth and can't stop smiling! I was so impressed I have already booked to go back in September for 2 implants and sinus lift treatment! For anybody still not sure about dental tourism all I can say is give this clinic a try they are not the most established clinic in Bucharest but you are guaranteed to receive a much more personal experience because of this! Thanks to Mihai, Dr Raluca Gurban and her team for a first class service!!"


Tomás Doyle from Ireland | Reviewed 08 May 2015

"[I] will definitely consider returning for further treatment"

"Recently has a very positive experience in this clinic.
It is professionally run and all members of staff were very friendly and welcoming
Dr. Necula was very efficient with the work she carried out while keeping me informed of every step and also ensured I didn't experience any pain at any stage.
The manager Mihai helped organise the treatment/trip through many emails while I was in my home country. He was also always at hand while I received the treatment and provided a lot of helpful info for my travels throughout Romania
Was very satisfied with the treatment & the whole experience & will definitely consider returning for further treatment"


Andrew S. from UK | Reviewed 17 March 2015
"I am very happy" 

"Here in the UK, you can only get Metal fillings on the NHS, which cost about £20 each - so for the same price as 3 Metal fillings on the NHS, I received 3 composite fillings, scaling, brushing etc. It was a better standard of treatment than my dentist here in the UK and nothing was too much trouble, although I did find some trouble parking the rental car at first. Financially I am very happy as the difference in costs paid for the airfare from Heathrow to Bucharest and I had a short break. For Advanced treatments, I can see that the savings would cover the airfare hotel and more and I will be going back whenever I can."

Daniel from United Arab Emirates | Reviewed 18 March 2015

"Everything I've wanted to find: Whitening Top Up Treatment"

"I'm from Dubai. I have searched for a dentist for years and have always been disappointed. If the dentist was good, the staff was bad. If the price was right, the dentist was not. I found the total package at Intelident,Romania and the staff was everything I've wanted to find!!!! I'm no longer afraid to make- and keep- my dental appointments.I can't wait to return in Romania to check my teeth"

Marilena from Romania | Reviewed 18 March 2015
"Awesome experience"

"I wouldn't normally think to review a dentist office but I have had such an awesome experience with these guys I had to give them a shout out! Every appointment was educational, and the technology they have at the office cannot be beat. Not to mention that Dr. Raluca Gurban is the best dentist in the town. ( Bucharest, Romania) I have and will continue to recommend Intelident to my family and friends."

Annie Kinane from UK | Reviewed 22 March 2015

“My experience at Intelident was exceptional“

“The treatment I received was completed within a short time frame and was completed to a very high standard. The cost of the treatment was also very impressive and I have no doubts that I will be back in Bucharest to recieve more treatment in the future. My doctor was delightful throughout all of my treatment- explaining all processes and options available to me as we went along. She was very easy to talk to and understanding of the complications involved with my treatment and the time in which it could be completed. My confidence in the clinic and the services they provide continues to increase. I cannot recommend choosing this clinic enough- I am sure you will not regret it.”


Rose from Netherlands | Reviewed 23 June 2015

“I was pleasantly surprised“

"I needed three implants, bone grafting, a sinus lift, a post on one tooth, and a crown for the latter tooth. I of course inquired about these procedures with my dentist here in Holland and he informed me that it would be around 1500 to 2000 eur per implant. He also told me that if the price in Holland is prohibitive, then maybe I can look around in other EU countries. I did. I looked at Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania. After several communications with the various clinics, I chose Romania because of the very professional manner of handling my questions and the price quote was a fraction of what would have been my costs in Holland!

All the complicated procedures took only a week and I was pleasantly surprised that Intellident actually uses the latest technology and procedures available in the EU. That means I would have gotten the same procedures here in Holland, but of course maybe 4x or more of what I spent in Romania. My surgery healed very well, and that is not a surprise because the implantologists and dentists in Intellident were all very professional, experienced, and trained with the latest European procedures. Considering all that, I recommend Intellident to family, friends, and everyone. You get the state-of-the-art treatment at a fraction of the costs in countries such as the Netherlands.

I chose this clinic because they handled my inquiries very professionally. In the process of comparing the various clinics within the EU, Intellident was the only clinic that made me talk to the implantologist (Dr. Gurban) over the phone to explain the various procedures, the time needed to do all the procedures, among others, pretty much the information that a patient needs to make intelligent decisions. Price considerations are of course essential factors, but in my case, it was the combination of professionalism, transparency, and price that made me decide to choose Intellident.

Intellident as a clinic is all that a dental patient would wish for. In one place, you have all the dental specialists needed to handle such complicated procedures. That means, a patient is ensured to receive real specialist treatment. All the dentists that took care of me really "took care" of me. They were very professional, are trained on the latest procedures and technology, are very experienced, and are very amiable! Mihai, the clinic manager, also made sure that not only do we get the best dental treatment, but that we also enjoy Romania, it's people, it's rich heritage, and it's food! (well, because I came for dental procedures, I couldn't eat as much! I'll do this when I come back for the crowns of my implants in a couple of months!)"


Lee from US | Reviewed 12 June 2015

“Awesome Experience“

"Last week I was on holiday in Bucharest and needed to get a chipped upper molar repaired. I made an appointment at Intelident for a consultation. Upon arriving I was met by Dr. Gianina Necula who looked at my broken tooth and advised she could replace the filling and repair the missing side of the tooth. She also pointed out that I have another lower mollar that had a filing that needed replacing. She went ahead and did a full cleaning and scheduled me for the repair two days later. I returned on Thursday and she had everything ready. I did not have to wait at all. She is very meticulous in her work and is a real perfectionist!! 1.5 hours later, all was done and I was amazed to see the results!! I highly recommend Dr. Necula for this type of work. I hope to return to Bucharest in the future and will make a follow on appointment to have several old metal filings replaced by her. She has a great manner and I have told trust in her ability to perform exceptional work!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Extremely accommodating staff. They worked my schedule to make sure I could return for the dental work. INTELIDENT gets my highest recommendation!! Dr. Gianina is a true professional and is extremely skilled at dental operations. The location is easy to find and is very modern. I have not had any dental work in years and it was a great experience! OUTSTANDING!!"


Adriana from Norway | Reviewed 29 May 2015

“Strongly recommend“

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank and recommend Intelident team and especially Dr. Necula for the service I received during my visit to their clinic. I am one of many who is afraid of going to the dentist and try to avoid it as much as possible. However I do know that regular check-ups can prevent further complications so when I visited Romania last time I did a dental treatment for the first time at Intelident which I was very impressed with even if I went to that clinic based on recommendations so I knew it would be a good choice.
However when you have lived for several years and went to the dentist in Stockholm and Oslo like me you would expect it would be difficult that a clinic in Romania match the technology and service in Scandinavia. It was far from the truth and that is why I write this recommendation to encourage people to broaden their perspective and choices, as there are several good clinics with excellent service and technology and trustworthy doctors in countries like Romania where for instance Intelident is definitely one of the best alternatives and no doubt much more affordable.
So if you especially need an expensive treatment plan I strongly recommend you compare the prices in your country with Intelident’s for example and chose what you think it fits you best but be confident that you will find the same professionalism, experience and modern technology (or even better) at Intelident as you would in Scandinavia for instance. I heard they also have special packages for foreigners travelling to Bucharest for dentist appointments but as I have my family in Bucharest I didn’t need to know more about this.

As for my personal experience I can say that I wasn’t surprised with the price as I knew what to expect coming to Bucharest from Oslo but I was definitely impressed with the service and technology. I was stressed and worried before the appointment but from the first instant I entered the clinic I started to relax because of the environment at first and then the personnel which was very welcoming and professional from the reception desk to the dentist chair. I received very good advice and recommendations and as I am very curious and skeptical I asked lots of questions and was pleased with the feedback and the doctor’s experience and knowledge. Therefore I wouldn’t miss the chance to go back to Intelident when I visit Bucharest again even if I am not in an urgent need for a treatment but only for a check-up and this time with no stress or worries." 


Alexandra from Denmark | Reviewed 26 May 2015

“Very friendly and professional“

"I had two fillings done and a teeth cleaning. I plan to go again for a crown.

Very friendly and professional staff. There were no problems when I had to change my appointment a few times due to my ever changing travel plans.
I will go there again. Highly recommended!"


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