Our Technology

Just as new technology has improved other areas of health care, new developments in dental care have brought incredible patient benefits.

As part of our ongoing commitment to dental excellence we have outfitted our office with the most state-of-the-art dental technology available. These technological advances allow us to do more educating, diagnose earlier and more accurately, preview results before treatment and provide treatments that are more comfortable, safer and more effective.

The following are just some of the state of the art technology used at INTELIDENT.


 Dental Implant System Straumann®, Sistem de implanturi dentare

Reasons to choose Straumann®

Straumann dental implants are reliable, simple and versatile. Straumann implants have more than 20 years of clinical research that have resulted in over 3,000 independent scientific publications, offering the most extensively documented, clinically validated and practice-proven implant system in the market.

The extensive mechanical testing that Straumann implants have been submitted to have proved a resistance that is clearly higher than the one shown by competitor products. The confidence users have in the Straumann implants has made this system one of the most used worldwide.

The best results

  • Over 4 million implants inserted in the last 10 years
  • 10 year guarantee on all Straumann® dental implants
  • Materials tested under certified laboratories
  • Highly biocompatible materials for an optimal osseointegration

Dedicated to research. In collaboration with leading clinics, research institutes and universities around the world, Straumann® is conducting a sustained research activity in the field of oral implantology and tissue regeneration.

Scientific data and quality standards

  • 20 years of implants clinical documentation
  • more than 5% of profits dedicated to research and development
  • extensive testing of new products 
  • long-term efficiency of the product
  • exclusive partnership with the International Team of Implantology
  • compliance with international quality standards

Polilux Accelerator® Carlo di Giorgi

Teeth Whitening SystemPolilux Accelerator® Carlo di Giorgi, Sistem de albire a dintilor

Carlo di Giorgi produced Polilux Accelerator ®, a highly innovative device that is the optimal expression of the whitening systems on the market.  Polilux Accelerator ® is a type of lamp specifically used in a professional teeth whitening treatment practice. Its 465 nm  wavelength and its 30.000 mW/CM2 power source have been studied so as to achieve the best result  possible for a sole treatment session of 20 minutes. The lamp is equipped with a special screen that allows absorbtion of the ultraviolet and infrared light, while avoiding the overheating of the soft tissue. It is equipped as a fixed standard with a mobile arm, allowing for easy positioning and use due to the automatic software that permits visualisation of the working times, thus making Polilux Acelerator ® a highly functional device.

  • Dr. Irina Lulache

    Dr. Irina


    Specialist Doctor


  • Dr. Raluca Gurban

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    Specialist Doctor

    Periodontology and Implantology

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    Dental Prosthetics and Esthetics


  • Dr. Alexandra Sovaiala

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  • Dr. Cristina Dumitru

    Dr. Cristina



    Dental Prosthetics and Pedodontics

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    Dental Prosthetics and Pedodontics