Bucharest - What about the city itself?


The city of Bucharest whose hospitality you could enjoy during your dental treatment is the capital municipality, cultural, industrial, and financial centre of Romania. It is the largest city in Romania, located in the southeast of the country, lies on the banks of the Dambovita river, less than 70 kilometres (43 miles) north of the Danube river.

Bucharest was first mentioned in documents in 1459. It became the capital of Romania in 1862 and is the centre of Romanian media, culture and art. Its architecture is a mix of historical (neo-classical), interbellum (Bahaus and Art Deco), Communist-era and modern. In the period between the two World Wars, the city's elegant architecture and the sophistication of its elite earned Bucharest the nickname of "Little Paris".


Economically, Bucharest is the most prosperous city in Romania and is one of the main industrial centres and transportation hubs of Eastern Europe. The city has big convention facilities, educational institutes, cultural venues, traditional "shopping arcades" and recreational areas. 


Over the last two decades the dental tourism has achieved great traditions in Bucharest and other few important cities in Romania. Many people travel to Bucharest  for dental care; not only from inside the borders but also from numerous western European countries, or even from overseas. We may claim with good reason that Bucharest is the top of the strongholds of Romanian dental tourism, which can be attributed to its excellent accessibility, convenient geographical location as well as the hospitality of the locals.


Bucharest awaits you with countless exciting sights to see. If you decide to walk around the town to learn more about it while you are here for your dental treatment, you will be enchanted by the charming squares and streets and all the historic monuments of the town, as well by the magical scents of local restaurants or coffee shops in the famous old part of the city. 


A wide range of exhibitions and collections await you in Bucharest. If you feel like learning about the cultural values of the town during your dental treatment, you will find many places of interest to choose from. In the following sections you can see some famous collections and museums that we can recommend to you. 


If you want we can arrange a private tour for 1-2 days for sightseeing Bucharest which would include most of its landmarks and monuments.


Perhaps the most prominent of these is the Palace of the Parliament, built in the 1980s during the reign of Communists. The largest Parliament building in the world, the Palace houses the Romanian Parliament, as well as the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The building boasts one of the largest convention centres in the world.

Another landmark in Bucharest is Arcul de Triumf (The Triumphal Arch), built in its current form in 1935 and modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. A newer landmark of the city is the Memorial of Rebirth, a stylized marble pillar unveiled in 2005 to commemorate the victims of the Romanian Revolution of 1989, which overthrew Communism. 

The Romanian Athenaeum building is considered to be a symbol of Romanian culture and since 2007 is on the list of the Label of European Heritage sights.

Other cultural venues include the National Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa", Museum of the Romanian Peasant, National History Museum and the Military Museum.


The historic town centre of Bucharest takes pride in its beautiful sights. Walking down the narrow streets you can admire pelicular Central European buildings. The scent of restaurants and coffee shops in the town centre and the atmosphere of the town will definitely enchant you. 

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