Dental Tourism in Romania

As people say, facts speak for themselves. And it is an acknowledged fact that Romania has become a major power in terms of dental tourism over the last decade.


Medical tourism is gaining more and more ground in the country, and it can be safely declared that, as far as dental tourism is concerned, Romanian dentists are amongst the top in the European Union Dental Tourism Market. The circle of patients has grown wider in the past decade, which is owing to affordable and high-quality dental care.


In order to find a solution for their dental problems, more and more patients come to Romania not only from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland or the United Kingdom, but even United States, Australia or Asia. Romanian private medical centres provide perfect dental care at a favourable price-value ratio. 


If you need top quality dental care and you find the favourable price-value ratio important, turn to Romanian dental clinics with trust at any time. 



Romania and Health Tourism


Health maintenance, recovery and relaxation full of experiences. This is what Romania has to offer for those longing for pleasurable and health conscious recreation.


Health tourism has a long tradition in Romania, starting in 1970’s with the visits of foreign tourists to the famous Prof. Dr. Ana ASLAN’s National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics ( ) – the first institute in the world with this profile at that time. Over the years, an impressive number of presidents and famous personalities of art and culture around the world were among the patients of the Institute. Nowadays Prof. Dr. Ana ASLAN is still very well known world wide as the founder of the famous antiaging drug products Gerovital H3.


The excellent natural endowments and the unique values of the country guarantee some entertaining recreation that is also useful from the point of view of health maintenance.


A great number of full-scale health services, wellness centres and exclusive clinics await visitors and those who want to relax. The services based on famous medicinal waters provide recreation for families and groups. Also, many centres offer recreation based on medical fitness and rehabilitation.


What is more, Romania has become one of the best when it comes to up-to-date dentistry and aesthetic surgery. If you are health conscious and you would like to recover or just maintain your health, Romania is the perfect place for you.


What makes Romanian health tourism especially attractive is the outstanding price-value ratio even on an international scale. Romania offers high-tech therapies for a fraction of western European prices. Therapies are conducted by highly-qualified specialists at private clinics, university clinics and other national institutes. They offer modern medical care under excellent circumstances.


All in all, Romanian health tourism offers a wide range of services from recreation, wellness and medicinal water based rehabilitation to up-to-date medical and dental care. The comprehensive packages always promise high standards, and to ensure quality entertainment, the services are completed with the services of recreational tourism.

  • Dr. Irina Lulache

    Dr. Irina


    Specialist Doctor


  • Dr. Raluca Gurban

    Dr. Raluca


    Specialist Doctor

    Periodontology and Implantology

  • Dr. Gianina Necula

    Dr. Gianina



    Dental Prosthetics and Esthetics


  • Dr. Alexandra Sovaiala

    Dr. Alexandra


    Specialist Doctor


  • Dr. Cristina Dumitru

    Dr. Cristina



    Dental Prosthetics and Pedodontics

  • Dr. Elis Bolat

    Dr. Elis



    Dental Prosthetics and Pedodontics