Schedule of Dental Treatments

If you could send us a recent panoramic x-ray, photo and describe your dental problem, our dentists and dental surgeon can give you a treatment plan and a price quotation by e-mail within 24 hours. If you don't have a panoramic x-ray, we ask you to visit the nearest dentist (or hospital) and ask for an x-ray or if possible ask for a treatment plan. Then you can send the x-ray to us by e-mail and get a free quotation and a treatment plan. We are looking forward to your request and ensure you that top service is delivered.

It’s always important for the patient and for the dentistry to know how long the patient has to stay for a dental treatment. Here below you can find some information about the lenght of dental treatments. You should know that the following examples are only a guide, you always have to ask our dentist about the lenght of your dental treatment.


White fillings: 1 day

1st day:  arrival

2nd day:  consultation, examination, dental intervention

3rd day:  check-up, departure


Dental implants: 2-3 days

1st day: arrival

2nd day:  consultation, examination, placing an implant

3rd day:  check-up, departure

Remark: Implant superstructures, crowns or bridges are set after the healing time (3-6 months) on the implant.


Crowns, bridgework: 6-7 days

takes approximately a week or a fortnight depending on the material of the bridgework and the extent of the intervention:

1st day:  arrival

2nd day: consultation, examination, preparation of the teeth

3rd day:  leisure time activity

4th day:  try-out

5th day:  leisure time activity

6th day:  fitting of the ready dental restoration

7th day:  check-up, departure

There are some treatments e.g. tooth extractions, root canal treatments etc. which can’t be seen in advance and so they can change or extend the treatment time.

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