Children's Dentistry

INTELIDENT is a Family Practice. We enjoy treating the entire family from children to grand parents. Whilst we usually recommend that we start seeing children for their first visit at around 3 years, we like to educate mothers during pregnancy on how to prevent dental problems for their child as soon as they are born.

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Healthy teeth are the key to a healthy childhood; children need them for chewing, speaking clearly and having a bright smile. We want children to have a good dental start and those early years are so important in a child's dental development.

Our aim is to provide a positive dental experience for children so that they develop trust and confidence in going to the dentist so that it is a normal, natural, fun thing to do.
We strongly believe that prevention is much better than cure and the most significant thing we can do for children is teach them how to prevent problems before they occur. We use all the knowledge and advances in preventative dentistry to ensure that today's children grow up with strong, healthy attractive teeth.