Tooth Replacement Therapy that Mimics NATURE

If you loose a tooth root, the most natural action is to replace it. That is what you do with implants. The advantages are many: With an implant in place, the bone integrates to it and maintains is natural topography. If you don't place an implant you will loose bone over time.
To replace a missing tooth without implants, most often a bridge has to be made and adjacent health teeth are ground down. So you don't only lose bone but also vital tooth substance.
Dental implants are becoming standard treatment for lost teeth. It is amazing how new teeth can turn someone's life around. A perfectly restored smile has the power to fill a person with new energy and lust for life. This is not a fairytale. It happens every day.

INTELIDENT | Clinica stomatologica


We provide the dental implants and aesthetical solutions to permanently solve problems of lost or damaged teeth. With Straumann products we are able to have dental implants and immediately functioning teeth in one single session.
There is a clear trend in both dental implants and prosthetics towards shorter treatment times, a minimum of pain and high esthetic outcome. Before, a lost tooth was replaced by something that, in best case, restored chewing capacity. Today's modern permanent solutions radically improve not only function and appearance, but generally also a person's self-esteem and quality of life.